2015-16 FC ST. PAULI

2015-16 FC St. Pauli Matchwear

How a football club became a social institution.





Two articles examining the St. Pauli matchwear collection and its inspiration from history and pop culture have been written by @MOMORULEZ Not only does his discerning eye pick up the references to the Sex Pistols seminal album (cover), but also the pink triangle and its significance in gay history.  He also rightly points out the animal patterns popularized in the 80s and how they are a question of clichés more than an affirmation of stereotypes.

Have a read on an analysis of the entire MATCHWEAR COLLECTION and specifically the YELLOW GOALKEEPER JERSEY.

*For the 2014-15 season, Momo wrote a comprehensive essay on the KIEZHELDEN MATCH KITS, taking us on a journey from Florence Nightingale to Jean-Michel Basquiat to Michael Chabon.  Yes, he did.  🙂

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