losdejos x Le Ballon x Euro2016 Bespoke Football Shirts

losdejos x Le Ballon x Euro 2016 Football Shirts

Bespoke Psychedelia

Open for one month during the Euro 2016 football tournament, La Galerie du Ballon, a pop-up shop in Paris, was the go-to football gear emporium for fans interested in a wholly different side of football.  Football culture and goods curated like a Robert Rauschenberg retrospective at the Whitney.  Yes, it was that good.

I had the pleasure of designing two football shirts for Le Ballon, a Parisian amateur football league which has since become synonymous with style as much as it has football.

Both shirts are inspired by Le Ballon’s corporate identity of a linear dazzle camo pattern.

The black shirt has a psychedelic ultra moiré pattern with blue and red shadows, inspired by the league’s French roots.

The second shirt is an homage to a figure at the cutting edge of football shirt design….Jorge Campos, legendary goalkeeper of the Mexican national team, who, in his own right, was a visionary kit designer.  The pattern also plays off the Le Ballon corporate identity, splashed with more neon than an 80s boardshort.

Upon purchase of a Le Ballon shirt, customers were given the opportunity of customizing their bespoke football shirt with some stunning badges and name/numbering created by the wide range of designers that Le Ballon has brought together.

And the creativity in customizing was surely not lacking.

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